SEMINYAK SCOOTER / MOTORCYCLE RENTAL - Scooter / motorcycle will be deliver you near Seminyak area also , such as : Petitienget Beach, Seminyak Beach, Legian . dirrectly to your hotel / villa.

If you hear the word island of Bali, then everyone must immediately know this exotic island in Indonesia. Bali has many amazing natural attractions including the typical culture of the community. No wonder if Bali is always full of tourists both domestic and foreign. Long school holidays or Christmas and New Year holidays are the busiest days in Bali because all the places are full. For that, you can choose to rent a motorcycle in Seminyak Kuta so as not to get caught up in the frenzy of the masses.



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Interesting Tourist Attractions Visited by Rent a motorcycle In Seminyak Kuta 

SEMINYAK SCOOTER / MOTORCYCLE RENTALOne area that has many tourist attractions worth a visit is Seminyak Seminyak area. In the past, Seminyak was outdone by the popularity of Kuta and Legian. But now this small village has been transformed into a tourist spot so popular to tourists. Especially if you are a couple who are on a honeymoon and want a more private place, then Seminyak is the answer.

Here, we provide the list of tourist site you should visit if you visit Bali and use a motorcycle rental service in Seminyak Kuta, Bali.

Seminyak Beach 

Located in the village of Seminyak, Kuta district, Badung regency, Seminyak beach is transformed into a favorite tourist icon beach. Maybe a little behind Kuta beach about the popularity, but the beauty of this beach can not be underestimated. You can try to enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon with your loved one. No need to fear because you can rent a motorcycle in Seminyak Kuta from the hotel where you stay if you want to explore the beauty of Seminyak beach until the evening. Bali motorcycle rental.

Petitenget Beach Bali 

is always synonymous with the beach area, including Petitenget beach located in Seminyak. The stretch of white sand and the big waves becomes the main attraction of Petitenget beach. You can try water sports on this beach or enjoy the big waves by surfing. Once you satisfied playing with water, you can continue the tour to Petitenget temple located in the higher plains. Showcase a very beautiful place of Balinese worship. You are advised to rent a motorbike in Seminyak Kuta if you want to go here because to travel to Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelud, North Kuta, Badung, is more comfortable if you use motorcycle.

Biasa Art Space and Kendra Gallery 

If you ara an art lovers then will feel very sorry if you do not visit this place. Biasa ArtSpace is a gathering place for artists who will showcase their artwork in a certain period. Kendra Gallery is also located in Seminyak which offers different artistic uniqueness. The combination of local and international artworks blends into an art space you should visit.

Line of charming beaches in the area of Seminyak Bali 

If many tourist bureau offers famous places in Bali such as Tanah Lot beach, Kuta beach and Sanur beach, then you are obliged to rent a motorcycle in Seminyak Kuta. Why do you need to rent a motorbike in Seminyak Kuta? The following tourist beaches is not so well known that it is rarely visited by foreign tourists, but presents a very exotic scenery. Suitable for those of you who like the feel of quiet or privacy. The beaches are exotic and suitable to serve as the location of pre-wedding photos such as Berawa beach, Echo beach, Canggu beach. It is suitable to be a honeymoon tour with your loved one.

Many interesting cafes in Seminyak 

Indeed, the current rate of living in Seminyak increased even more expensive than in Kuta. This is reasonable because you will enjoy the charm of many amazing cafes in Seminyak such as La Laguna, Nook, and La Favela. La Laguna for example, offers a unique Bohemian decoration that is perfect for those of you who want to take instagramable unique photos. The distance is only 10 minutes from Seminyak so it is advisable to bring your own vehicle. So, you can rent a motorbike in Seminyak Kuta to make it easier for you to expose these interesting cafes in Seminyak.

Superhero Factory and Totem Room Escape Bali 

Bored with beach, then you can try these interesting places in Seminyak area. Superhero Factory will make your dream to become a superhero character come true. Train your agility by testing all classes and obstacles. Do not worry if you want to take your children because all the arenas here because the security and safety of visitors guaranteed. While Totem Room Escape Bali is the biggest reality game escape room in Indonesia located in Bali. You will feel the sensation of being Indiana Jones, because you will be locked in a room and given a puzzle. If you want to get out then you must solve the puzzle. Fun is not it?

Seminyak Square 

The vacation will be less complete if you does not buy souvenirs for family at home. You can also complete the crazy shopping passion by coming to Seminyak Square. But remember that most boutiques in Seminyak Square contain designs of famous designers. When else did you can buy branded fashion if not in Seminyak Square?

Rows of attractions in Seminyak Kuta is certainly able to make a useful reference for you who are thinking of vacation plans. There's nothing wrong to invite your beloved partner to create quality time after tired with the exhausting daily routine. For your holiday satisfied, then you can rent a motorcycle in Seminyak Kuta.

Why You Should Rent a Motorcycle In Seminyak Bali ? 

Bali is a tourist area that is famous to all corners of the country to foreign countries. No wonder if many tourist areas that hard to reach due to traffic jams. Seminyak Kuta which offers stunning panorama is definitely one of the tourist destinations of travelers. By renting a motorcycle in Kuta, then you can facilitate access to many tourist sites.

The cost of motorcycle rental in Seminyak Kuta is also relatively cheap because you can use it all day. Want to linger in the site will not be a problem, right? Tips if you are interested in using a motorcycle rental service in Seminyak Kuta Bali, then you should order well in advance. This is to anticipate the occurrence of spike in reservations. Given the need for two-wheeled transportation in Bali is increasing especially during the long holiday period.


Choose a motorcycle rental service in Seminyak Kuta that is trusted and qualified. Do not just fixate on the cheap price offered, but it turns out the rented vehicle have many problem. Try to imagine when you are enjoying your trip, the rented motorcycle suddenly broke down or there is a part of the motorcycle that is not maintained well. Of course you will bother yourself, right? So make sure you choose an experienced motorcycle rental service in Seminyak Kuta.

 Well, you are interested to enjoy all the amazing sights in the area of Seminyak Kuta? Quickly plan your special holiday with someone special and make sure to use a motorbike rental service in Seminyak Kuta, Bali.
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