Terms And Condition

  • Helmet & Accessories Add-on lost or swapped. If the helmet and accessories add-on are swapped or lost then the following replacement fees will be charged; Helmet: Rp 150,000, -. While the replacement cost for accessories please contact Customer service Motordibali.com for more details.
  • All payment will be charge on start day, we not take money from you before motorcycle delivered you your place. 
  • If the motorcycle tires leak after the first day of the rent, then it is no longer the responsibility of Motordibali.com, and is entirely the responsibility of the renter. We recommend for the renter to go to the nearest bike shop/garage from the location of the leaking tire, this is to speed up the repair process and the renter can continue their vacation.
  • Renter must be fully responsible in the event of damage to the motorcycle, any spare part replacement price will be determined according to the price applicable at authorized dealers, this is to avoid overprice charge.
  • The renter are fully responsible for any kind of loss of motorcycle units and in the event of legal matters from the motorcycle misuse/negligence during the rent term.
  • If you go to one of the many restaurants, bars or clubs Bali has to offer and consume alcohol, don't drive your bike back when intoxicated but take a taxi or be a pillion with one of your friends who didn't drink. We provide a service to locate and bring your bike back to your villa or hotel the next morning for just 150,000 USD